Do fat burners work?

Weight loss supplements can help you to lose weight if you’re committed to a healthy lifestyle. Whilst a supplement can aid weight loss, it isn’t a replacement for eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Do fat burners work for everyone?

Whether a fat burner will help you lose weight or not depends on the ingredients contained in your supplement and how you take it. Here we share the best ingredients for weight loss, and how you can get maximum results.

What should you know before taking weight loss supplements?

We recommend that you look carefully at the ingredients contained in fat burners. If you’re not sure a supplement is safe for you, consult your doctor. This is particularly important if you’re pregnant, you have a medical condition or you’re allergic to ingredients such as caffeine.

It’s essential to buy weight loss tablets from a reputable seller. All the claims on our supplements are verified by the European Food Authority and manufactured under quality systems that meet ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP standards.

Fat-burning power ingredients

Our Fat Burner supplement contains green tea, cinnamon, dandelion and cayenne pepper. These ingredients not only promote weight loss, but they contain essential nutrients that care for your overall health.

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Green tea

Green tea is a powerful ingredient for weight loss because it contains caffeine which increases your metabolism, helping your body to burn fat. It contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which works with caffeine to further stimulate weight loss. It also contains polyphenols which prevent your body from storing too much fat.

As well as supporting weight loss, green tea promotes your physical and mental health. It boosts your energy levels and can even elevate your mood.

Green tea helps your body to maintain normal glucose levels which can prevent serious conditions like heart disease. It contains the hormone cortisol which lowers the risk of depression and can even reduce your risk of developing dementia.


As your body needs a lot of energy to process cinnamon (more than it needs to process other spices), your metabolism is stimulated which further increases weight loss.

Cinnamon protects your whole body including your intestines, stomach, reproductive and urinary systems. It’s is a great antioxidant, which means it helps to guard your body against serious diseases like heart disease and cancer. In fact, the proven benefits of cinnamon are so significant that we can’t list them all here.

This amazing ingredient helps you to feel generally well, energized and happy!


Dandelion is a mild laxative that stimulates digestion. It increases bile production which boosts your metabolism and supports healthy liver function.

Some studies have found that dandelion maintains blood sugar levels, lowering bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol (HDL). It’s also a diuretic which means it helps your body get rid of excess salt, and this reduces your blood pressure.

As a rich source of nutrients, dandelion has a positive effect on your overall health. It contains vitamins A, B, C and D, as well as iron, magnesium, manganese, silicon and zinc.

These vitamins and minerals are fantastic for weight loss and general mental and physical health. They stimulate metabolism, control blood glucose levels and boost your immune system.

Cayenne pepper

There’s a high amount of capsaicin in cayenne pepper. Studies have found that capsaicin not only increases your metabolism but reduces your appetite.

Our top tip weight-loss tip

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that eating 30 grams of fibre a day can help you lose weight. Our Fat Burner supplement contains cinnamon because it’s high in fibre.

Cereal like Weetabix, Shredded Wheat and porridge are high in fibre. Other high-fibre foods are wholemeal bread, wholewheat pasta, brown rice, potatoes in skins, beans, chickpeas, lentils, fresh and dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

Do you need cooking ideas? See these high fibre recipes from BBC GoodFood

Do fat burners work if you don’t make healthy lifestyle choices?

The only way to protect your body from serious diseases, to feel mentally and physically well and to lose weight in the long-term is to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

The NHS website gives you 12 tips to help you lose weight, including advice about meal plans that may also help you to save money on food shopping.

We know that it’s difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle consistently. Our Fat Burner supplement contains nutrients that not only help you to lose weight but support your general health, so you can make the most of your life.

So, do fat burners work? The answer is ‘yes’ as long as they contain the right ingredients and they’re taken to complement a healthy lifestyle.