What daily vitamins are best for a woman’s body?

Maintaining a healthy balance in life is essential, but our daily routines and longer-term stresses take their toll on our wellbeing at every turn. It’s crucial to have the right amount of vitamins and minerals in our diets for our bodies to function normally, as deficiencies can lead to unwanted consequences.

Eating a balanced and varied diet is really important but, even with a good diet, the pace and stress of life can take their toll on our health and beauty. Many factors affect our balance of vitamins. In winter we receive less Vitamin D from sunlight, exercising results in the loss of micro-elements in sweat which need to be replaced, and stress combined with a poorly balanced diet, the fast pace of life, coffee, smoking, alcohol, and even where we are in our menstrual cycle can affect the delicate balance of our bodies health.

All these factors can mean the body lacks essential vitamins and elements necessary for its proper functioning, and women especially need support during specific periods of their lives. This can be as simple as taking a quality supplement regularly, such as the Your Secret is… ‘Immunity’ food supplement. With more than 24 essential vitamins and minerals to help your body stay supple, healthy and vibrant, ‘Immunity’ provides your body with everything it needs for you to enjoy health and wellbeing.

Immunity’ from Your secret is… contains all these essential and beneficial ingredients to help your body:

B vitamins

B vitamins help to improve metabolism, that is, they change food into energy. They help in the formation of red blood cells, reduce fatigue, and support our immune system.

Vitamin D

Helps maintain many tissues in our body, such as healthy and strong bones, teeth, and muscles. Additionally, Vitamin D helps the proper functioning of the immune system. This vitamin is commonly deficient in humans, especially during the winter when our natural source of Vitamin D – the sun – shines less brightly.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega 3 is essential for our heart and eyesight. With a positive effect on the function of our brain and nervous system, it improves cognitive performance and increases our resistance to stress. Omega 3 fatty acids are also known to improve the condition of our skin and nails.

Folic acid

Without this, the body would be in trouble. Vitamin from the B group helps the hematopoietic processes, supporting the proper division of cells and the function of the liver. Folic acid helps in the production of digestive enzymes and improves cognitive function, leading to stronger resistance to stress. Folic acid has to be taken as a supplement as the body does not produce it on its own.

Vitamin C

It is a powerful antioxidant protecting cells against oxidative stress. It helps in the production of collagen and contributes to the maintenance of normal metabolism and the renal and immune systems. Vitamin C also increases natural iron absorption in the body.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the body against free radicals (oxidants). It improves the activity of T lymphocytes responsible for the immune response in the event of an attack by microorganisms. In the brain, Vitamin E works to take care of the proper psychological function.

Vitamin K.

Vitamin K affects blood clotting and can reduce the intensity of the menstrual cycle.


For women with thyroid issues iodine is really important, as it regulates the production of crucial hormones in the thyroid gland – thyroxine, and triiodothyronine. These control many systems in the body, helping the brain and nervous system function properly and supporting cardiovascular function. Without enough iodine, we are vulnerable to depression, fatigue, and reduced immunity. Iodine deficiency can be visible in the condition of the skin, hair, and nails.


A very important mineral for our body. Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. It maintains the electrolyte balance, which regulates the proper flow of blood and water through the tissues, balances blood pressure, and regulates the work of our muscles, nerves, and kidneys.


This mineral helps blood to clot properly and is needed to maintain healthy bones and teeth. In addition, it’s crucial to the proper functioning of digestive enzymes and the maintenance of proper neurotransmission.


An important component of haemoglobin founded in red blood cells which carries oxygen with it throughout the body. During menstruation, women lose a lot of iron and it is worth supporting the body during these days.


Zinc is necessary for the proper functioning of many of our body’s processes, including thyroid and immune system regulation. Zinc is involved in the metabolism of energy, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, as well as supporting genetic processes. It helps in the production of hormones and maintains proper fertility reproductive functions.


Selenium is known for its antioxidant properties, removing free radicals from the body and maintaining the proper functioning of the heart, blood vessels and immune system.

Investing in a single supplement that is full of vitamins and minerals helps us take care of our bodies. Check out our product “Immunity“, a food supplement with as many as 24 vitamins and minerals so that you can be sure you provide your body with everything it needs, allowing you to enjoy health and well-being.