What hair supplements actually work?

Beautiful, healthy hair shines. But keeping your hair in fantastic condition isn’t easy, as it is so sensitive to external factors and nutrient deficiencies.

To understand how food supplements affect the condition of your hair, let’s take a closer look at its structure. Hair is mainly made of a protein called keratin and consists of 2 parts: the root follicle in the skin and the stem that protrudes from it. Nutrients are delivered to the hair root in the bloodstream.

In addition to taking proper care of your hair, if your body does not have enough minerals and vitamins, it can lose strength and vitality, start to fall out, thin, become dull and lose its shine.

So how do hair supplements work, and actually what does our hair need?

Your hair is at the end of the food chain for vitamins and minerals in your body, with nutrients from diet or supplements going first to the most important organs of your body. Only when those are satisfied do the skin, hair and nails get nourished. This is how supplements and vitamins work for hair, and in fact for the whole body.

So what supplements can help us maintain a vibrant, shining head of hair? The vitamins and minerals below can help you keep your hair healthy and radiant.

Vitamin B7 (biotin)

With the ability to transport sulphur to the hair matrix Biotin creates strong, flexible bonds that hold the hair shaft together along its entire length. The sulphur bonds are converted into creatine, which is the building block of the hair, and Biotin is also responsible for the metabolism of fats to protect against seborrhoea and dandruff.

Other vitamins from the B group (B6, B1, B12)

These vitamins help in the production of red blood cells, ensure the good condition of the circulatory system and maintain proper energy metabolism in our skin. Thanks to this, our hair bulbs are well nourished with blood, which contributes to the maintenance of healthy, strong hair.


Silica plays an important role in building and nourishing hair by preventing hair loss and strengthening hair by stimulating hair bulbs in the skin.

Vitamin C

Helps maintain the production of collagen, which affects the skin and blood vessels and these affect the hair.

Vitamin A

Stimulates hair follicles to grow and is thus responsible for proper hydration of the hair and good scalp condition.


Haemoglobin aids the transport of oxygen around our bodies and iron is a key component of haemoglobin. Thanks to iron all our cells, including the cells of the hair follicles, are better oxidized and nourished.

Food supplements help nourish our hair and provide what it needs from the inside out. Supplements can help us replenish deficiencies in our diet, but should not be treated as the only source of vitamins and minerals. Supplements should go hand in hand with a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle, with smoking especially having a very destructive effect on our body.

Due to a poor diet and a stressful lifestyle, our body is exposed to negative external factors and lacks valuable nutrients. These can be seen in our hair, which becomes weaker, brittle and dry. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of our hair and the entire body in a comprehensive manner to promote beautiful, healthy hair.

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